Choosing a home


You may have just stepped into one of the most beautiful homes you've ever seen and you're urgently moving to make an offer. Before you move to soon and commit to the home you should remember that your home is not just your property. It extends into the surrounding community. Your neighborhood...

Research Your Agent.

When you find a home you want to see online, there is usually the name and number of a listing agent on the site. This is not the best way to choose your agent! Contacting them at this stage could initiate a relationship that will be difficult to get out of, before you have even had a chance to do any research.

One easy way to begin researching your buyer's agent is within your own contacts. If you know someone that bought a house, ask them about their experience with their agent. Referrals from friends and family can be very helpful.

Or, you could find an agent through buyer's agents associations. These associations can provide solid references and will only provide you with members in good standing. It is similar to a screening process.

Reserve Real Estate Auction:

In a reserve real estate auction, the seller retains the right to accept the high bid within a certain deadline period. They may or may not set a minimum, as they're not bound to sell in this auction. Buyers do not get excited about doing diligent investigation into properties when they cannot be assured a purchase, even if they are the high bidder.

Real Estate Auctions Can Bring Bargains:

Depending on the type of auction, whether a property is distressed or not, buyers can get a bargain. It's all about diligent investigation and planning. Going in with a bidding plan and a definite cap on what you'll pay for a property can get the buyer a deal.

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Auction - Not Necessarily a Distressed Property

Many buyers believe that all real estate auctions involve only distressed or foreclosed properties. This is not the case. Extremely high end properties are frequently sold at auction, simply because it's a fast and clean process. Depending on the type of auction, the seller can still control the price to some extent.

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Tips for Finding Good Buyer's Agents:

1) Take the task of finding an agent seriously - it is an important decision that can greatly affect the rest of the process.
2) Shop for your buyer's agent first, not the house.
3) Ask your friends and family for references.
4) Choose an agent that is a member of professional associations.
5) Ask for references, and contact them.
6) Find an agent that knows the area, better than you.
7) Find an agent that has experience with transactions in your price range.
8) Find an agent that is prompt in contacting you.
9) Find an agent that you can be honest with.
10) Find an agent that understands what you want.
11) Find an agent willing to spend time explaining things that you do not understand, and that explains things in a way that you do understand.
12) Find an agent that does not make you feel pressured to buy.