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18/02/2019 13:03
There are hundreds of things to consider, and if you're not familiar with the area the property is located in you won't have a feeling for the common problems that can plague properties there--so you won't know which questions to ask. The Safety Buffer The good news is that real estate...

Binding" and "NonBinding"

18/02/2019 13:02
eBay offers sellers two choices for real estate auctions, "Binding" and "NonBinding." Don't be confused by those terms, because neither results in a legally binding contract to buy the real estate. So how do they differ? When you bid on a Binding real estate auction, you indicate a true intent...

Considerations Online

18/02/2019 05:01
Some people have had bitter experiences when it comes to dealing with real estate agents. A few may have been scammed while others just did not get along with their past agents in terms of making decisions regarding transactions. Thus, if you do not want to enlist the services of another real...

What is a house worth?

18/02/2019 04:48
Just because a house is listed at a certain price doesn't mean it has to sell for that amount. Sometimes people list their homes too high, other times agents make the same mistake. With the right research, you can find out what any house is worth, which will save you money and even give you...

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10/04/2010 13:02
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